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About Globus Relief Fund

About Globus Relief

who we are


We will continually work to improve healthcare. Our efforts will be marked by upgrading medical facilities, supplies and standards of delivery across the world.

Defining Statement:

In order to maintain the human element of improving healthcare and to avoid pressures to move in other directions, Globus Relief is committed to:

  • Making fiscally responsible decisions;
  • Sending mission appropriate resources that are valued correctly;
  • Considering the impact of the use and disposal of resources on the humanitarian environment.



We are a medical resource humanitarian organization. 
We are committed to partnering with other charities, Corporations and Governments working to improve the delivery of healthcare across the world.  We accomplish the improvement of health care through the following five key deliverables:


  • Assessment
  • Consulting
  • Acquiring, Packaging and Distributing (APD)
  • Providing Bio-Tech Solutions
  • Training

We reduce unnecessary duplication of efforts among our partners and work to produce a synergistic environment that magnifies effort and social impact.


  • We value credibility with our partners and those we serve
  • We value quality and efficiency
  • We value resources and have an aversion to waste